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About Us

Civil & Environmental offer a comprehensive range of products and services in the specialist field of water and wastewater engineering.

The Company was founded in 1992 and since that time has grown steadily and gained valuable experience in the food and allied sectors, but also expanding into other areas such as general industrial and landfill wastewaters.

We do recognise that environmental protection is a 24-7 requirement and that our customers need the reassurance of constant on-going support and compliance.  To assist we setup a control centre in Evesham that provides constant on-line remote monitoring of our plants that, backed-up with our team of service engineers, mean potential problems can be resolved at the earliest stage.

We design and build most of our treatment equipment in Evesham, this means we have a sound developmental understanding of our products and we can also provide cost effective replacement parts at short notice.

Over the years we have built-up an enviable client list and established a sound track record for completing contracts on time and to a high standard, often working on congested sites and within operational factories.

We adopt a proactive approach to health and safety and recognise our responsibility for the welfare of our staff and subcontractors.

For prospective clients we are always pleased to provide full details of our Health & Safety Policy and also our Construction Projects (CDM Regulations) Manual, which outlines our approach to design and construction for a specific site.

Civil & Environmental, as would be expected, carries insurance to cover all aspects of our work, details available on request.

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